Geoplas manufacture UPVC solid angles which have a variety of applications such as corner protection, beading and trimming. In addition to this, they can also be used as a trimming component in caravan and holiday home applications. They are maintenance free, U.V. resistant and will not rot.  The solid angles are available in a variety of colours and finishes including white, black, cream, golden oak, rosewood and back ash to match popular window and cladding products.


Geoplas offer UPVC flexible angles which are manufactured in a flat form with a central bridge to allow bending in either direction.  The flexible angles can be used to finish various angled corner details and are available in a variety of colours and finishes including white, golden oak, rosewood and back ash to match popular window and cladding products. They are maintenance free, U.V. resistant and will not rot.


Geoplas supply a range of decking accessories including toughened balustrade glass panels available in clear, bronzed and grey tint to offer shelter from the wind. Veranda UPVC gates and post globe lights are also available. Geoplas post globe lights are high quality outdoor grade and ideal for low energy bulbs.


In addition to offering a vast range of standard UPVC building products Geoplas works with customers to co-design and manufacture bespoke plastic extrusions. Working in unison with our customers we produce both rigid and flexible profiles for a variety of general building and specialist applications including cavity closure profiles, foiled and wrapped plastic extrusions and motorhome, caravan and holiday home extrusions. Our services include surface patterning, hot stamp foiling to give wood and metallic effect finishes, punching, flexible and rigid profile welding, profile wrapping to give wood grain effect finishes and CNC style machining/routing.


Geoplas offer both specific and general application tapes with many standard tapes available. Geoplas specialist application tapes include aluminium tape, double sided security tape, polycarbonate sheet planking tape, double sided DS trim tape, general application blanking tape and georgian bar tape. We offer a variety of high quality pressure sensitive adhesive tapes which are suitable for of vast range of industrial and commercial applications. Our aluminium foil tape is designed for use in applications which require electrical or thermal conductivity and is 25mm to 72mm thick. Geoplas security double sided tape is developed for use within the double glazed window market. It is available in 1mm-6mm thickness and 10mm or 12mm widths.


Geoplas offer a large range of UPVC render beads including products for internal and external applications. Geoplas render beads are manufactured from naturally impact resistant, rot proof UPVC and are available five different styles – angle, bellcast, expansion, stop and thin coat angle. Every style of render bead is available in white and cream. They are designed to outlast the steel equivalent and punched to maximise render adhesion. Geoplas render angle bead is designed for use on rendered and plastered external corners to produce a straight edge and offer protection against impact. The angle beads are maintenance free, available in 6mm, 10mm, 15mm and 19mm and have a durable PVC construction that will not rot.


Geoplas offer a range of balustrade products which are produced with a high grade UPVC thermoplastic cap layer onto a commercial grade partly recycled base. We offer three styles of extruded UPVC hand rails (Contemporary, Georgian and Madison) which provide great aesthetics and suit all applications. We also offer three picket styles (Contemporary, Contemporary Bowed and Madison). Our hand rails are all available in seven colour options with galvanised steel reinforcement and matching brackets. Our extruded UPVC post measures 102mm x 102mm, can be supplied plain or routed either with or without galvanised steel reinforcement and has a 100% recycled core with an outdoor grade capping layer. The balustrade products are maintenance free, do not require painting, staining or preservative treatment and are U.V. resistant.


Geoplas offer a steel sub-frame system which has many applications with its primary design function being a long life decking sub-frame. We are happy to assist with your sub-frame design and help confirm its load bearing performance. The steel sub-frame system replaces traditional timber sub frame structures and doesn’t move or twist with age. The system utilises galvanised steel beams connected by various heavily zinc plated steel brackets and does not need painting, staining or preservative treatments. The sub frame channel is corrosion resistant, maintenance free, offers ease of fitting and strength and manufactured from fire resistant none combustible materials


Geoplas produce a variety of maintenance free skirting styles to match and suit most applications. Geoplas skirting is manufactured from weather resistance outdoor grade UPVC which will not rot. It is available in colours to match caravans, holiday homes and lodges and we also offer renolit foiled wood grain finishes which match popular UPVC window colours. We offer solid, solid vented, ranch and panel skirting types with matching finishing trims to suit each style.


Geoplas manufacture a range of low maintenance, U.V. resistant UPVC plastic finishing trims which provide an aesthetically pleasing solution to the finishing, jointing and interface of polycarbonate cellular sheets, hygienic cladding panels and other general building applications. The finishing trims are available in finishes to match or complement most installations. Geoplas polycarbonate sheet end caps have raised pips in their base and a small lip to their underside to ensue drainage and ventilation and are available in 10mm, 16mm, 25mm and 35mm.