Geoplas offer a range of hollow soffit board accessories. Geoplas offer a UPVC circular ventilator disk to provide ventilation along the run of hollow soffit board or underneath of holiday homes where solid style skirting is used. They are lightweight yet durable and maintenance free. We also offer a hollow soffit board vent trim to provide ventilation along the run of hollow soffit board. In addition to this we also manufacture a UPVC hollow soffit board vented starter trim which is a vented version of the starter trim for the hollow soffit board. They are U.V. resistant, maintenance free and will not rot.

Geoplas also manufacture a range of soffit trims. Geoplas starter trim and joint trim are available in colours to compliment Geoplas soffit profiles. We also offer internal and external corner trims in white and flat roof starter trims in white, black and brown. All of our soffit trims are manufactured from UPVC, are U.V. resistant and do not require maintenance.