Soffit Vent Trim Refrubishment

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Product Overview


Geoplas hollow soffit board vent trim is a dedicated vent trim used to provide ventilation along the run of hollow soffit board. Manufactured from UPVC, they offer a light-weight yet durable maintenance free solution for new or existing soffit details. The product can also be used to provide ventilation for underneath of holiday homes where solid style skirting is used.

Fitting tips: Pre-cut the soffit starter trim to the required length. Spacing between each vent should be calculated based on the total existing loft space/space under holiday home.




Product Size: 100mm, Fits 10mm soffit board

Material: UPVC

Length: 5 metres

Colours: White, Beige, Cream, Black, Brown


Features & Benefits


Will not rot

Maintenance free

U.V. Resistant

Extends application life

Provides additional ventilation




Domestic and commercial roofline soffit cladding

Holiday home skirting

Decking and veranda skirting

General cladding applications

New build work or replacement projects.


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