Stylboard Luxury Mineral Grey Deckboard

Colour / finish options


Mineral Grey, Ashwood Grey, Cornish Oak
Product Overview
Taking garden and lodge decking to the next level, Stlyboard is a 100% polymer deckboard that combines high performance with outstanding aesthetics. Using state of the art high resolution imaging, real world natural finishes are printed onto the board surface. A hard, UV resistant and embossed cap layer is then added. Sytlboard is designed with a stylish luxurious appearance that is normally only associated with high quality internal flooring.
Fitting tips: Boards should be fixed through their integral fixing flange with a suitable outdoor grade screw. A strong sub-frame with no more than 500mm centres across supporting beams is required; our galvanised metal sub-frame or a robust wooden sub-frame can be used. Boards are 180mm across top face and can be spaced by 2mm to 5mm; a larger gap will improve water run off. For hotter climates special colours, white and marbled white can be ordered subject to a minimum quantity. 
To see images of fitted decks you can visit our FENSYS WEBSITE
Size: 180mm x 35mm

Pattern: Nano embossed wet & dry paper like grip

Colour: High resolution printed finish, wood grain LXT or mineral LXM

Lengths: 4877mm

Materials: UPVC base with a hard resin cap layer
Features & Benefits
Natural appearance

Bare foot friendly

Will not rot

Maintenance free

U.V. Resistant

Slip resistant

Fire resistant

Does not need any preservative treatment

Strong tongue and groove design

Integral Fixing flange

Hidden fixing

matching edge trims available
Home garden decking

Holiday home decking

Caravan verandas

Lodge Decking



Commercial areas